Now there’s a nice word.

Essentially it just means “to bleed dry” or “to lose blood beyond the point of sustaining life”.

I think it is rather an appropriate word to describe what the EU is doing to Greece.  They are bleeding Greece dry to save their precious Euro and their precious United States of Europe.  They don’t give a damn who suffers in the process so long as they can continue to implement their master plan.

They did the same to us in Ireland.  They weren’t quite so heavy handed but the effect is the same.  They have sucked so much cash out of the economy that we can forget about any ideas of growth.  No cash = no purchasing = no demand = no growth.  No growth of course means no revenue, leaving the country dependent on the EU.  A very smart fucking equation if you are one of the big central European countries and want a steady supply of dirt cheap produce and labour from the peripheral countries.

Ireland is fucked and so is Greece.  Neither can afford the repayments and it’s only a matter before we default.

So who is next?

Jackboots in Lisbon?

Let’s just say I would hold off on emigrating to Portugal for the moment.

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Exsanguination — 9 Comments

  1. I increasingly feel as if the measures are now deliberately designed not to help, but to squeeze countries in such a way that they voluntarily leave the Euro zone.

  2. It’s hard to know what they want.  Do they want us out because we are a burden, or do they want us in as little puppet states, there to serve the Grand Masters?

  3. Cant add much to what you said only one word..Iceland. Told the politicians and bankers to get stuffed but of course no Euro or EU jackboot to enslave them. I just cant wait for the Greece police to realize they are only helping the NWO to enslave the Greek people. The latest wages cut 22% another 15000 jobs to go madness.                                                A question is there any politician in Ireland speaking up against all this ye just got rid of them FF gobshits to be replaces by another load of gobshits.

  4. The new lot are every bit as bad as the old lot – there isn’t a jot between them.  I’m sorry to say that the only party standing against them is Sinn Fein.  I never thought I would see myself supporting them!  Again, if they got into power, they will probably follow precisely the same line.

  5. Grandad, you have pinpointed the eternal paradox of democratic politics. People and parties can enjoy the costless luxury of being as strident and radical-sounding as they like when they are demonstrating on the streets or catcalling from the backbenches. Then when they eventually form a government they put on buttoned-up governing clothes. Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose. When swathes of angry and disillusioned voters sweep the old suits out of power, a new assortment of suits takes their place. That’s what Irish punters did in the so-called ‘pencil revolution’ in February 2011.

  6. “so long as they can continue to implement their master plan.”
    The Master Plan from The Master Race, cunts.
    They could’nt do it with Military might, though they tried it twice.
    Now they have adopted the Mercan method and perfected it to take over Europe, control it and its periforial populations to achieve the dominance required by The Fourth Reich.
    Next, removing the ‘untermenchen’ and World Dominance.
    Not even the ‘300’ could save the Greeks now.
    I hope The Chinese are ready.

  7. Gerald & Slab – Take a look at the link Jan M has posted.  It is depressing stuff but it smacks too much of the truth to ignore

    Slab – That has been there for several weeks.  I was wondering how long it would take someone to notice it.  And I have said before – I only sell Viagra.  Don’t need it myself [*cough*]..

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