So that’s another one over.

I confess that memories of yesterday are a bit vague.

I know there were about fifty children in the house setting my head spinning.  OK.  Maybe there were only a couple but Puppychild and Sir Fartzalott can make it seem like fifty.

Then there was TAT who spent most of the day snoring on the couch.  That fella could snore for Ireland.  Each snort induced a sympathy vibration in just about everything so the effect was weirdly cacophonous.  I was going to record a blast of it to stick up here but I didn’t want to damage my microphones.

Our K8 spent most of the day in the kitchen [which is only right and proper] doing the cooking and getting drunk, while Herself vanished quite early in the day.  I haven’t a clue where the fuck she went but we must all be grateful for small mercies?

Judging by the mess, we all had a good time.

I have just spent an hour or so collecting empty [and some not so empty] beer cans, bottles and various assorted vessels and the recycle bin is just about full, which means a trip to the landfill later.  I can also report that I haven’t a trace of a hangover which just goes to show that all those months of training paid off?

There is only one thing though that has me baffled.

How the fuck did the Christmas tree end up in the pond?

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Aftermath — 6 Comments

  1. maybe someone thought it needed watering?
    glad you had a grand holiday time =) myself, i had a wonderful relaxed day with no family and my best friend (also home alone) came over with a bottle of caroline cream brandy…made for a fun scrabble game.

  2. Walking Christas trees ?! Very worrying. Had it been at the sherry again ? It can do that to trees you know – happy Stephens’ day. My head hurts – I shall have to seek a cure in the pub in a little while. What a shame !!!!

  3. Cat – Glad you survived!  I agree – booze fueled Scrabble can be a bit of craic! Especially if you play Obscene Scrabble….

    Mossy – I have a feeling the mystery of the tree will remain unsolved.  It will just have to go down in folklore.  Very sorry to hear that you are forced back to the pub….  Heh!. 

  4. ‘RockMonkey Govt Announces New Christmas-Tree-In-Pond Tax For Make Cultural Learnings of Glorious Nation of RockMonkehstan’.
    T’was on Rockmonkeh Telefeis Eireann earlier.

  5. Walking Christmas trees – this could be a big hit movie to equal the legendary ET.

    Shakespeare, in Macbeth, has the three witches predicting a walking wood, in the line:

    “Macbeth shall never vanquish’d be until / Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill / Shall come against him.”

    There must be a line somewhere in Shakespeare in which flying saucers are anticipated. But otherwise it is best not to drink whiskey after a bottle of wine. Grape mixeth not with grain, as the Bard might have said.

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