I really am getting very tired of all this.

Yet another wanker is adding his name to the list of Health Nazis.

No less a person than the Chairman of the Royal College of General Practitioners is giving everyone a slap on the wrist and, what’s worse, is accusing every parent of being a child abuser.

According to Professor Field, smoking in front of small children in a car, is a form of child abuse.  If you are overweight then you are abusing your offspring.  But then, by the same logic, you are committing child abuse just by having your child in the car in the first place?  Cars are dangerous things, so the act of bringing your child for a drive is putting that child in danger of injury or death.  In fact, having a child at all is child abuse by Field’s definition, because that child is condemned to death from the moment it’s born.  Conceiving a child in the sure knowledge that that child is going to die [after a normal lifespan] is surely the most heinous act of abuse?

Field is one of those arseholes who is of the opinion that we should all live our lives with the sole purpose of being healthy.  His world is a world of plenty exercise, healthy diet and no alcohol or tobacco.  In other words, a miserable fucking world where we live like Stepford wives and endure our misery in the knowledge that it is ‘for our own good’.

What worries me about all of this is that fuckwads like Field are getting unquestioned publicity with stunts like this.  Just because he is a fucking professor, people lap up every word.  Even worse, his idiotic thoughts have a nasty tendency to become government policy.

If I were a young lad, I would be very very worried by all these unchallenged statements.  They are going to lead to a world that would be the envy of any horror science fiction writer.  I am talking about a world where children will be immediately removed from their parents if the parents aren’t feeding that child a properly regulated, government approved diet.  I am talking about a world where CCTV monitors all families within their homes in case they do anything that may cause a potential hazard in that child’s future.

You laugh.  That will never happen, you say.  I am being melodramatic, you sneer.

Twenty years ago, you all would have laughed if I had suggested that smoking would be banned virtually everywhere?  Twenty years ago you would have said I was scaremongering if I said that people would be refused life saving operations because they smoked or were too fat?

You mark my words.  We are rapidly heading for a world that would make North Korea look like a holiday camp – a world where every move we make is monitored [for our own safety] and where all our food has to be approved [for the sake of our health].  We will be encouraged to spy on our neighbours and to report them if they transgress government regulations.  Anything deemed to be high risk [which includes most, if not all leisure activities] will be banned.

We will be miserable.

We will be terrified of putting a foot wrong.

But we will be healthy.

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I am a child abuser — 9 Comments

  1. Bloody hell,Mick!!  That’s cheerful?  I’m going to eat, drink and smoke myself to death before that shit strikes.

  2. Most smokers of my generation, who are not ignorant fuckers, dont smoke in their cars/houses where there are kids about. We are probably killing them with food aditives and all that anyway, but I think it is a good way to go…

  3. The mere act of putting children in a car, that is inevitably going to follow close behind other cars, means that those children are going to be exposed to very high levels of toxins from exhaust fumes.  There is no such thing as a safe environment unless we stick our offspring in oxygen bubbles?

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