You can say what you like, but this ain’t no fucking hangover.

If I do feel a little out of sorts after a feed of pints, a good night’s sleep or a massive fry-up or a bottle of whiskey usually sorts everything out.

I had a fairly good night’s sleep, apart from some very strange nightmares.  The bottle of whiskey was enjoyable but ineffectual.  The stomach couldn’t take a fry-up.  And I am still feeling like I have been snogged by Mary Harney – aching all over; breaking out into sweats for no reason and generally feeling rotten.

I fucking hate being like this.  I can’t tell Herself because she goes all motherly and fusses over me, insisting I take things easy and giving me loads of strange potions to drink.  If there is one thing I despise in life it is being fussed over.  I hate sympathy.  I hate being mothered.

The brain is kind of fuggy too.  As a result, I won’t be writing anything today, so you’ll just have to manage without me. 

I’m off now to try another bottle of whiskey.

I know it won’t cure whatever the fuck I have, but who gives a shit?

It’s a damned good excuse.

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Not a hangover — 17 Comments

  1. chin up old man….hope you’ll be feeling right soon….it’s the mary harney nightmare that did it, anybody would be poorly for days after that..

  2. “If there is one thing I despise in life it is being fussed over. I hate sympathy.” 
    So you get on the world wide web and tell 20,000+ readers  that you are sick !
    Get well soon old chap.

  3. TT – Usually when I post here I get nothing but abuse, so this is what I was expecting.  You have let me down, but thanks to the pair of you anyway!  😉

  4. I really hate to someone let down so may I just say no sympathy, its a self inflicted wound  take two asprin your’e fit for duty!

    Take care Grandad.

  5. Soapy – That’s better.  Thanks for your lack of sympathy.  One thing though – whatever the fuck it is that I have, it is NOT self inflicted.  😐

  6. Fair enough with the self inflicted regarding the original ailment but you do feel a little better now don’t you?

  7. It’s this POXY fucking humidity.
    And a virus, methinks. One going around, a few pals of mine have caught some suspicious lurgy.

  8. Try eggnog Brandy recipe, which is claimed to have medicinal qualities:

    1 good measure of brandy
    some milk
    a dollop of whipped cream
    1 teaspoonful of honey
    1 egg yolk

    Shake well over ice cubes in a shaker. Strain into a large highball glass over ice cubes, sprinkle with nutmeg, and serve. The tawny port is an optional ingredient that can be omitted. Tawny wine is a gut rotter anyway.
    A video link is here:

    Get well soon.

  9. Doesn’t sound like a hangover alright, sounds more like whatever bullshit ailment is following SARS, Birdy n Swinehunt flu.  Beddie bye byes, lots of water and a couple of panadol cure most things, except broken limbs and cancer of course. 

  10. Radge – ‘Tis humid all right.  It’s after three in the morning and I’m sitting here with the doors to the garden wide open trying to cool off a bit.  Too fucking hot to go to bed yet.

    Gerry – Thank you so much for that.  There is a slight problem though – when I was 18 I drank a full bottle of brandy.  As a result, it is the only drink I cannot tolerate.  Herself once made me an eggnog [in one of her sympathy moods].  Result?  Spectacular projectile vomiting!

    DD – Do you think it could be Ebola?  Drinking plenty water and chewing panadol.  It’s still too fucking hot to go to bed though.

  11. Could be Leprosy Grandad ..
    Just don’t go playing cards for a while .. Don’t want you throwing your hand in … 🙂 🙂

  12. Jennikybooky – You have the knack of cheering someone up!!

    Dessiegee – Good idea.  Seeing as I have the symptoms already, maybe this would be a good time to quit?

    Haddock – It’s not my hand I would be worried about losing.  😉

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