It’s freezing cold.

It has been pissing down like an incontinent elephant all day.

It is blowing a gale, and it is grey and dismal.

It is a fucking horrible day.

So why, today of all days, do they decide to have two fucking power cuts?  Not one, but two

I have few pleasures that I require in life, and two of them are a drop of warmth and a mug of tea.  And the fuckers even try to deny me them.

I can do without my radio or television.  The Interweb is just a distraction.  I can even doze in the dark, but I must have my warmth and my tea.


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They even deny me that — 8 Comments

  1. I thought the days were meant to be getting longer; each one seems darker than the previous one. Did anyone check that the world had tilted the right way and that the Australians were now heading for deep midwinter while we could look forward to days of warmth and endless sunshine?

  2. Ian – If they are not getting longer, it has to be down to God or astronomy.  You can’t duck out of that expertise?  🙂

  3. I think those fucking environmentalists are behind it.  We have over cut-back on “greenhouse gasses”.  We need more methane, quick!!  I’m off to order a Vindaloo.

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