We have had some beautiful weather lately.

In fact we are warmer, drier and sunnier than the south of Spain. Not bad.

I went out the other evening and walked around the garden, just snapping off pictures in the evening light.

garden1b.jpg garden2b.jpg garden3b.jpg

garden4b.jpg garden5b.jpg

I’ve uploaded thumbnails, because small pictures don’t do them justice, so just click on ’em if you want the Bigger Picture.

And just to add a bit of colour – I’ll throw in a cactus. This is a rather unattractive plant. It’s all spikes and weird shapes, but every year it explodes into a riot of the most incredible flowers, each several inches across. Then it is a real beauty. It has only just begun its display and it is laden down with huge buds.


And just for the craic, I’ll put up a photograph I took last year of Sandy. She was minding her pal, the Collared Dove fledgeling. He is up to the left. They became firm pals, and even the parents didn’t mind Sandy being around.


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A bit of photography — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you ICL. [You’re not a mainframe computer by any chance?]

    I thought I would give my three readers a little break from my usual insanity, and introduce a bit of colour instead.

    Think of it as an ad break without the ads.

  2. Hi Grandad,

    Loved the photos of your flowers. Especially the cactus.
    I had an indoor cactus here in Pennsylvania for more than twenty years and it bloomed faithfully every Christmastime. Most of my friends were amazed because their cacti usually died. I think they overwatered them. When asked how I took care of mine, I replied,” I read the weather in the paper every day and when it rains in Phoenix, I water it.”
    It worked for me.

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