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  1. First of all I’m really sorry to hear about your nose situation, though to be honest I suspected it was much more than a lingering sinus infection. Secondly, I really admire your attitude, it certainly goes a long way in dealing with the stress that the aging body throws our way. What else can we do except deal with it right? I’m finding that out first hand myself the last 12 months. It’s a holiday weekend in the United States which will delay results from a CT scan I had Friday. Like you said, it will either be good or bad or in my case no change would be nice. But, there is not a damn thing I can do about it today. Best of luck Grandad, I’m thinking of you.

    • Thanks Elaine. As I see it, there are three possible results from future tests – the growth is benign [judging by its rate of growth, it isn’t], it’s malignant [surgery] or it has spread [worse case scenario]. I’ll worry about it when the time comes but it has somewhat sharpened my mind about getting my house in order!

  2. Granddad,
    Thoughts with you old friend. Be strong and positive, for both yourself and your good lady.

  3. You have the same attitude as my father had in these matters. He had enough that needed tending to today let alone fretting about things that may or may not happen next week. One day at a time and one issue at a time as they present themselves.

  4. Good luck to you, I hope the biopsy results are negative.
    I was diagnosed with prostate cancer a couple of years ago. The treatment: four weeks of radiotherapy, was painless although it has to be carried out with a full bladder which at my age is uncomfortable. Although it was rather amusing sitting in the waiting area, watching men come rushing out of the treatment room heading for the toilet. If you need treatment on your nose you’ll be spared that discomfort at least.

    • If the worst comes to the worst [and I’m not worrying yet..] I presume they’ll have to remove my nose leaving a hole which would scare the shit out of people, not least myself. I raised that possibility and that’s when the Prof mentioned reconstructive surgery and/or prosthesis. I doubt I’ll ever look the same again. And it would cause problems with passport/driving licence/travel pass!!

  5. Just to say – keep looking up, not down…

    It’s a bugger, but there’s a much better chance of winning this one!

  6. I’ll share this thought from Legiron and wish you well:
    “Sure, I have things to worry about but I’m not going to worry about things I can do nothing about. If it happens and I had no way to prevent it, well I’ll deal with it when it arrives. Or ignore it, if I still can’t do anything about it.”

    All the Best

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