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    • I’ll leave that to the Dubliners. They have a great knack of coming up with great irreverent nicknames for things.

  1. Happy belated birthday Grandad, I like your optimism 20 billion !!! I reckon 50 will be nearer the mark.

    • Not so long ago they stated categorically that the idea of the hospital costing more that €2 billion was sheer nonsence. It now stands at €2.3 billion and that’s still not the final cost.

    • Yes, I read that piece over at Longrider’s. Another who is not too happy with the way things are going.

  2. But GD, not all electric cars are bad, we’ve got one and it’s great. I often tell people about it…

    It’s an attractive little four seater, easily does 80+ on the motorway, range is over 400 miles on a run and you can recharge it in a couple of minutes. You can take recharge cans with you too so you can top up without a recharge station. We’ve had it several years and it only cost £600 on Ebay !

    ‘Course it’s not actually electric (except for the lights & stuff). Otherwise it couldn’t do any of this and would cost a fortune 🙂

    • I find it strange that no one mentions the possibility of a spare battery in case of running out of charge. What do you do if the charge runs down? Presumably that would involve a tow to the nearest charging point which could be tricky, and expensive.

      • Grandad, Grandad…

        Gareth just said he can drive at 80mph on a motorway, an’ that’s illegal!

        Tell the Garda, tell the Taoiseach, tell oh, buggerit, just tell me, an’ I’ll ignore it!

        • Hab Ich nicht gesagt? Das war in Deutchland probiert !

          (That’s my story anyway – so there!)

          And a shout out to all other Citroen (non-electric) Pluriel owners 🙂

      • Presumably that would involve a tow to the nearest charging point which could be tricky, and expensive

        It is Doom, of the trickiest and most expensive sort. See ‘t interwebs…

        (IMO the real tell is that – were “Net Zero” the real aim – it would be much easier to make synthetic “GREEN” hydrocarbon fuels to keep the existing fleet on the roads. That this is never mentioned I think is quite instructive of the real agenda)

        • I hear from sources, that there will soon be “electric car only” lanes on all motorways.

          They’ll be on the inside lane, with laybys every hundred yards for failing batteries, and a van will come along every few hours with new packs of AA Duracell replacements!

  3. A job for the Wombles

    Have you perhaps come across the term “Cockwomble”? Wonderful word with, maybe, relevance to this project.

    • I had to look this word up. There are a large number of things that this will apply to here in the wilds of Oregon.

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