Am I right to be right? — 8 Comments

  1. “I am convinced that nearly all the “science” spouted by the Anti-Smokers is a steaming pile of horse shit. When I say that is it misinformation or disinformation or both or neither? The same goes for my stance on “Anthropogenic Climate Change”. Does that make me Far Right? Or is the current preaching about “Anthropogenic Climate Change” disinformation?”

    Most honest people will simply refer to this as the truth.

  2. It’s a form of auto-vilification. By merging ‘right-wing’ by implication with ‘Nazi’, they then apply that composite catch-all to anything which defies the current accepted woke agenda, aiming to label everyone with such thoughts as being completely beyond the pale.
    What they forget is the ‘right-wing’ includes the word ‘right’, which is where most folk are most of the time.

  3. As it happens, I came across this very good visual explainer just yesterday on Robert Malone’s Substack, based on the well known “Political Compass”.
    Sorry the link is a bit long so I hope it works when posted here.

    So you can see that you clearly are a Nazi. And a biggot (or at least a littlegot)

  4. If you are lusting to be recognised by The Powers That Be (including your fellow travellers) then nothing as trifling as evidence can ever be allowed to interfere with one’s ideological bias. Therefore anyone outside one’s ideological bias is ‘unclean’ and generates feelings of disgust.

    Disgust: The word “unclean” is often used to describe things that are dirty or contaminated, and this can trigger a feeling of disgust. Disgust is a natural emotion that helps us to avoid things that could be harmful to us, such as spoiled food or infectious diseases… or ‘wrongthink’.

  5. If anyone compares you to a Nazi, just ask them if they mean a National Socialist?
    That will stump a fair few of them.

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