Bad Karma — 2 Comments

  1. Thou shalt obey the Windoesn’t mantra.
    Thou shalt Save often and frequently.
    Thou shalt be prepared to press the sacred ON/OFF Button for at least 6000 milliseconds, and press again for one second. But but blessed is he who disconnects all external memory.
    Nevertheless the Dreaded Update will set at naught all your efforts at celerity.
    Time for some meditation and the imbibing of sanctified Jamiesons. Or Blackbush.

    • But I am a follower of The Great Lord Torvalds, and my faith keeps me strong.
      And it came to pass that I arose again after my death by Hard Boot. My faith upheld my beliefs an lo – nothing was lost.
      And the multitudes did rejoice and imbibed in a feast of Jamesons.
      All Praise Linus!

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