May the road rise with you — 4 Comments

  1. How can they close a road without providing an alternate means for local traffic, emergency vehicles, and such?
    I suppose air drops could be arranged for delivery. (Sort of a Berlin airlift model.)

    • There is no alternative route as it’s a cul de sac. They are literally going to remove the lane and rebuild it, giving it foundations for the first time. They are also laying drainage pipes so they will have to dig deep. Anyone who wants to get in or out will presumably have to be guided through the mess [on foot].

  2. How long is the job going to take? You could ask the council and then it would be wise to multiply the time by at least 5 or even 10.

    • I did inquire. They gave an estimate of 5 to 10 days. Presumably that translates to one or two weeks. By your probably correct formula I could be stuck here for several months!

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