Making a promise I know I won’t keep — 5 Comments

  1. It’s too late, the ads are on already. There was an Asda on the other night with Michael Buble that has promised that it will progress into a whole series! Oh please no. 🙁

    Some of the ones that really get me are the perfume ones. Invariably tacky and clichéd with with supposedly rich people frowning into the camera like they aren’t going to let you join their club unless you smell just like them.

    They are all pretty appalling though aren’t they? You should start a poll on which one is worst since we can’t actually avoid them.


    • I made the promise after the very first ad. So far I have lasted but only because I control the sound. I despise jingly “Christmas” music.

      The perfume ones are crafty. They started last month presumably to not-so-subtly brainwash us males into buying the stuff for our females as a potential present. I’ll buy Herself a bottle of Dettol.

  2. Sofas at Christmas?
    I could never understand the huge luggage shops, air-side, at airports.

    • I could never understand that one. I suppose the furniture people just don’t want to be excluded from the buying frenzy?

  3. We’re very fortunate here at The Turrets, as we won’t see a single advert, because we never watch live TV!

    Problem solved!

    BTW, would buying a sofa airside be exempt from tax? Just a thought!

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