By way of an apology — 4 Comments

  1. FYI: This site took about 10 seconds to open today, it’s usually pretty much instantaneous. I decided to try again to see if the second time is quicker but then I got an error message: “Resource Limit Is Reached” and another line which I didn’t copy but was basically “try again later”. I tried again later and got in, then got the error message again when I tried to leave a reply. Have you been messing about in the engine room again?

    • There is something going on on the servers. This is the first time I have been able to get in myself. Basically the server is handling so much traffic that it can’t respond to a request. It has been going on for the last hour or two and is very frustrating. All I can do is apologise [even though it’s not my fault!!]

  2. I am now receiving your emails (via subscription) without any problem, unfortunately they are all going into the spam mailbox. I am now in the process of training Safari to recognise the fact that they are not spam. Keep up the good work.

    • Maybe your mail programme just has good taste?

      Seriously – I had a look at my mail setting [I use Thunderbird[ and onder the server settings I found an area which directs stuff to Junk. Mine doesn’t have a facility to explicitly filter mail, but does prevent mails being counted as Junk if the sender is in the Personal Address Book or Collected Addresses. I assume the latter refers to mail you haven’t marked as Junk in the past?

      P.S. I added one of my accounts to check is the subscription system works. The notifications are arriving all right – in Junk!

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