Ban the car — 12 Comments

  1. The 15% probably live in central Dub or somewhere where pretty much everything is in walking distance from home. Face it Grandad, in times to come, you aren’t going to be allowed to live in the countryside, because policing it with cameras would be far too expensive. Far better then to just bung everyone into a tiny flat in a high rise where they work from home, get stuff delivered, and not let them out the door!

    • If everyone was aged between twenty and thirty and the entire country was as flat as a pancake then maybe cycling everywhere would be a reasonably good idea. But we’re not, and it isn’t.

  2. It’s probably a combination of those who don’t drive, don’t want to drive and don’t want others to drive, those who live in a city where driving is a nightmare anyway and the 1% or 2% who click the wrong button in every survey they do.

  3. “I must arise and go now,
    And go to Innisfree.
    There’s a ‘bus from Letterkenny,
    Gets there at half-past three.”

  4. You may want a second car. You may like having friends rounds. You may even like driving because you simply like driving (I do).

    But you don’t need to. What you need has been decided. You are a mere cell in the body politic, and if you become a diseased cell, then you will be excised to ensure you don’t infect others.

    This public transport I keep hearing about. Is it pink and does it fly perchance? Please let me know if you ever see any.

    • Suppose I just want to go for a drive to somewhere scenic and have a picnic? Will they lay on a bus for that?

      • No buses go to many places. This means the nearly deserted beaches I have visited this year will be ever more untrammelled by human visitors.

        As for enforcing a one vehicle parking space rule; good luck with that out here in the wilder west.

        • If you live within ten miles of the nearest bus stop then you are “on a bus route”. It may take you while to get used to Irish logic!

      • You’d probably have to check the picnic application form, there may well be. But be aware, if your party wasn’t suitable “diverse” or if you had something not on the approved list of foods, it may take you to the re-education camp instead.

        • I’ll just have to befriend an immigrant African transsexual of indeterminate religion and bring them everywhere [in the boot of the car]?

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