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  1. Good afternoon Grandad.

    We live in the country with overhead electricity supplies. We moved here over three decades ago and in that time we have had many power cuts so we are seriously equipped to cope – generator, leisure battery and inverter, three camping gas burners and a wood burner. In February last year we had a power cut for 48 hours. This meant my wife’s riser/recliner didn’t work (and she wanted a pee) and nor did the stair lift – until I fired up our standby equipment. My generator can even power an old 700w microwave so hot meals, and I made curry with the gas stoves! You should probably invest.

    • There used to be an overhead supply to the area and in fact one of the high-tension poles was in our plot. There was a problem with one of the insulators so in damp weather or rain you could see a blue corona around it and hear the crackling – it played havoc with TV reception! Power outages were common and one regular one we could count on – there was always an outage on Christmas Day.

      The system is underground now and a bit more reliable but we still have the cuts.

      I did research generators but either they will just about boil a kettle or they cast well into the four figures.

  2. But there’s no doubt at all that such a situation is what the WEF and its puppet governments want. If there’s only one power source and they control it, then de facto they control YOU.

    The 70s to the 2000’s will, I believe, be seen as the last golden age of personal liberty before a new dark age- led by superstition disguised as science – in which a 16 year old with no education lectures scientists about what to do. Whilst the scientists, whose funding depends on it, slavishly follow.

    But don’t say to much or your bank account will be closed…

    • There is certainly a general change in society and not for the better. Governments have discovered how easy it is to control an entire popultion either by force of law or through brainwashing. I fear for my Grandkids’ future.

  3. If you’d like to research the future planned for us, look at South Africa’s “load shedding” that has been in place for years, some days lucky to have 12 hours electricity. Try running factories and hospitals with unstable electricity. Moreover, the knock on affects of no street and traffic lights.

    • Hah! You just reminded me of a time here when we had rolling power cuts. We were allocated zones and the newspapers would publish the timetable showing the times the various zones would be cut. I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if those zones will be resurrected.

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