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  1. Stop. Just stop writing, saying, whatever, denier.
    For this old codger it brings to mind nylons.
    And the gentle sussuration sound of one leg being crossed over the other.
    Now with my failing aural capabilities that is history.

  2. I believe I commented on a previous one of your climate witterings, that we have only about 100 to 150 years of accurate temperature data.
    So when the Biased Broadcasting Company says it is the hottest the planet has ever been, one has to admire the sheer brass neck it takes to ignore all of Earths geological history!

    But back to the heatwave, or more specifically burning Crete, despite the Beeb continually blaming climate change for the fires, I understand the Crete officials have stated categorically that they are due to arson… (bet it was just stop oil)

    I guess old auntie is finally senile.

  3. The sun has various cycles, just like us with our 25, 28 & 33 day ones. Most are over many years. These obviously may coincide and cause peaks and troughs in emotions, etc. Well, the sun shows its ’emotions’ in variations in its heat output and sunspots, so causing our (fairly insignificant in the broader picture) climate to vary. CO2 and other ‘greenhouse’ gases are possibly a result of this, not a cause. (Consider the massive CO2 emitted by the current volcanic fissures on Iceland, which pump out orders of magnitude more than we feeble humans do – ‘if you like it then you should have put a bag on it’ as Beyonce nearly said.)
    CCL – it’s all just another tax on the stupid & ignorant.

  4. In the Seventies they said there’d be another ice age in ten years……
    In the Eighties they said that acid rain would destroy our crops within ten years……
    In the Nineties they said the ozone layer would be gone in ten years……
    In the Noughties they said the ice caps would be gone in (yes, you guessed it) ten years…..

    What proves my theory of just how f**king stoopid and lazy humanity has become, is that so, so many people actually believe this crap without even bothering to double check for themselves!!

  5. I read a Guardian headline, (yes,I know), that the Gulf Stream is faltering and is likely to fail in 2027.So you can look forward to Arctic winters very soon.
    Get those skis waxed.

  6. Sorry Grandad,

    While I agree with most of what you write, I cannot agree with this. Yes, the energy we receive from the sun doesn’t change much, give or take a solar flare or two, but if you logic was correct, no one would buy greenhouses, because they wouldn’t work. The problem is not in how much energy we receive from the sun, it is in how much of it we retain. Think about it, if you put on even the lightest of linen shirts, you retain more hear than if you went bare chested. It doesn’t take much of a covering to make a difference, and a couple of hundred years of our pollution is certain to be doing something. Just look at a river like the Liffey or the Lagan, and yo can see the difference between them and any decently healthy river. Mankind does make a difference to the environment. It is plainly obvious. The air around us is no different.

    • Why on earth wouldn’t greenhouses work? They protect the contained air from the external conditions [to an extent] allowing only sunlight in. They are therefor generally warmer inside. To use your clothing example, a greenhouse merely insulates the contents from the external ground conditions.

      Regarding your sample examples of the Lagan and Liffey, I’m not quite sure what point you are making. The Liffey is remarkably clean now compared to its state when I was a lad [little island of turds floating gently towards the sea]. But even taking its dirtiest state, or in fact the extreme of 100% raw sewage, it is flowing into an ocean which not only covers the majority of the planet but is many miles deep in most places. Even at maximum flow, the overall effect will be negligible to the point of being immeasurable on a planetary scale.

      • Come on Grandad, it’s a simple example. You make the point in this piece that you believe that climate is controlled by the sun, 100%, no exceptions. So if you are right, then man could do nothing to change the sun’s influence on the earth. Yet, hey presto, stick a bit of glass over your head and suddenly you can make your own little boiling microclimate. Greenhouses work, even if the example is on a very, very small scale, so mankind can influence things. Other things affect what the sun provides, like a little insulation, whether worn or stuck into the recesses of your house.

        The example of the rivers was just to demonstrate on a larger scale thet mankind produces and dumps enough crap to poison rivers to the extent that a load of them were dead for years. Getting them back from this has been expensive and time consuming. It was also there to let you make the point by yourself by simple extrapolation that if we dump enough crap in our rivers to poison them and change them, then how in hell can you believe that the crap we have dumped into the atmosphere for years has by some miracle been completely innocuous, and has had no effect whatsoever? That is difficult to believe.

        So lets put all this together, small changes can have meaningful consequences, we have been dumping crap into all parts of our environment for years, man does have an effect on many parts of the environment, and the suns effects on our earth can be magnified. Why do you not at least admit that climate change as a result of mankind’s activities is at least possible?

        I am not a great believer in all the overhyped bull put on either side of this debate, (see the University of East Anglia, and many of the quotes on this site for reference), but still, I find it difficult to believe that man’s activities are completely innocent. Why would our increase of methane and other chemicals in the atmosphere not work in some small way like the panes of a greenhouse?

        Read any one JE Lovelock’s books to see how small and fragile some of the links are. He was a damned fine scientist. Definitely not from the UEA school.

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