A Penny’s Worth — 6 Comments

    • She is indeed a beaut. She’s one of thse dogs that everyone wants to pet and I often get stopped when out and about with her. Sadly, a lot of them are a little disillusioned when she basically ignores them.

  1. She is thinking “What the feck is the fecking eejit going to do now? And the tunes he plays on that keyboard are rubbish.”

    • That is just about spot on, though I don’t know about the keyboard thing. I don’t have one. Herself occasionally mentions wanting to buy me one but I’m not sure we have the room [or the inclination].

  2. What a lovely girl! That ‘look’ could be called, ‘Imperceptible’!

    Our Romanian Rescue PatterJack, (and more), has several ‘looks’, including that one, and deciphering any particular mood takes several minutes, by which time the postman has been and gone, and the front door has had another coat of paint bitten from the bottom of the frame…

    Then the ‘look’ returns in a different phase, and I still haven’t a clue what she’s thinking!

    But I just love her to bits like you do Penny!

    • That look is quite simple. It’s her “I don’t know what you’re doing but would you please stop it so I can get some sleep” look.

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