So much for that — 4 Comments

  1. I’m now very wary of upgrading Mint. Even just the Update Manager updates. A couple of months ago I had a working system just how I wanted it and then, following “updates” I started getting various fails like “MintMENU has quit unexpectedly” – WTF??

    A lot of time wasted rolling back and it’s still not right. At least the only “Update” now on offer is the “A new version of Update Manager is available”. No Thanks.

    • That is strange. I can’t remember when I started using Mint but it was a very long time ago [ten to fifteen years?]. I have always kept it up to date [and occasionally even jumped the gun and used a Beta version]. I have never had a problem. The only difficulty I ever had was loading Mint onto Herself’s HP which was not straightforward.

  2. I suspect there is no such thing as a ‘quiet day’. If you are already busy and occupied the minor incidents and other calls on your time slide past to be dealt with later. If you are enjoying some quiet time these similar minor things become ‘panics’ requiring immediate attention.

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