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  1. Grandad, you are far braver than I. (Due to the fact that you have a far greater knowledge of computer innards than I possess.)

    • There is a very narrow line between bravery and foolishness. In my defense I had been pondering on reloading the system as a couple of small problems had arisen. And then I noticed there was a new Beta version of Mint 21.2 ………..

  2. Since HDD’s aren’t really that expensive, why not experiment on a different one? My Linux installation is on an mSata drive that I picked up S/H from eBay. All my documents are on a different drive (and backed up), which I remove before buggering about…

    • I have lost count of the Terrabytes at my disposal. I have one USB 2Tb HHD and several 1Tb. The hard drive on this machine is a 1Tb so there is no problem partitioning it. I could partition off a chunk for experimentation but just didn’t bother. I meant to reinstall the Linux partition anyway and hive off a multitude of files onto a USB drive. It is indeed running a bit better so with hindsight I did the right thing.

  3. There was a time not too long ago when temptation would get the better of me and I’d do the same thing that you did. The a few years passed and my brain stopped working properly so…

    …I’ll wait till the upgrade comes out.

    • Remember the days when a new release would include all sorts of fancy new features? This new one does seem a little faster but that’s probably because a lot of junk was cleaned out during the format.

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