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  1. I don’t think Mr Ryan would approve any application you might make to retain a car in order to get to the village for fags.

    • It’s none of Ryan’s business what I buy in the village. Tomorrow I have to somehow collect a very important prescription. That’s none of his business either.

      I know my problem is a lack of car. I’m just pointing out how difficult life is without one if you live outside a city.

      • I know only too well. I am in a similar position. I live on the edge of a small town, with a limited bus route, and the nearest bus stop is down a fairly steep hill which is now beyond my level of fitness to tackle. My misses is no longer able to drive, due to eyesight problems and we will be stuffed if/when my health means I can no longer drive.

  2. Senora O’Blene gave me an electric bike six years ago, and while I never ride it during crap weather, I do like an easy ride on a fine day to the shops a mile away! The trip is effortless, and when I once picked up a lovely neighbour’s stuff as well as our own when she was poorly, when I got back home, I could hardly lift her bags, let alone our own, so these machines really do make a difference!

    Forget the very expensive bikes, just spend around 500 quid, buy a crash hat and the world’s your lobster…

  3. When was the last time this numpty walked 3 miles, in the rain, carrying 2 heavy bags of shopping? Whether it’s in a town or the country is irrelevant. These tunnel visioned, single issue, completely out of touch with reality, twats, seem to infest councils, authorities, and “It’s for your own good” organisations. Unfortunately, it’s a waste of time trying to reason with them, as they will take their stupidity and best you over the head with it.

  4. You’re not getting the right message, are you? You’re not supposed to live in a village, you’re supposed to live in a city, preferably one of the new, 15 minute cities. Pretty soon plebs aren’t going to be allowed to live in the countryside, it’ll be reserved for our betters.

  5. That’s the problem with these Oh-so-clever and arrogant townies. They haven’t the slightest clue how people live outside towns and cities. They have forgotten that an important purpose of the town or vllage, and one that their economy depends upon, is to serve the needs of the rural population by centralising facilities and commerce. Even more importantly they have forgotten that they depend on the rural areas for their essentials like food, leisure, water, power and anything else that needs space. We rural folk can survive without them, we have farms, wood, streams and stuff, but their towns can’t survive without us.

  6. I quite understand Grandad. Every time i hear one of these eco fascists i want to deal out the comrade Stalin treatment – 2 min trial, find them guilty , then out the back of the Lubiyanka for a bullet.

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