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  1. The “Engine Management Light” coming on might just be because the car is due for a service. My Vauxhall does this annually, but I found a method of resetting it on the ‘net. You could try looking for a Dacia specific sequence? If that doesn’t clear it you may need to get a garage to plug in a diagnostic scanner and see what’s wrong. You can buy cheap OBD scanners to have a look yourself, but unless you have the ability to do your own repairs they aren’t going to be much use. But if the car suddenly becomes extremely gutless it means the engine management has gone into “Limp Home” mode, and the problem is potentially more serious!

    Oh, and by the way, in the UK you won’t get the car through an MOT test if the light is on – this might also apply in your part of the world.

    • Dacia’s ‘service due’ is shown by a spanner image at the bottom of the fuel gauge – it’s bugger to turn off yourself. The ‘engine’ symbol is a generic ‘something’s not quite right’ message, probably trivial but worth getting a grease-monkey to check it just in case.

      • This is more or less the conclusion I came to. Something may be wrong somewhere so I had better check with Spanner just in case. It’s about due a service anyway though there no spanner image that I could see. How does it know who fixes my car?

        • Looking at the image again, it looks very much alternator-ish.
          Check the drive-belt (fan-belt) for presence and tension, otherwise it could be the alternator or voltage regulator – any grease-monkey or auto-sparky should be able to check the output voltage and take it from there.
          Ahead of that, avoid using high-load services like heated window, blowers, big lights etc. to save battery power – bump-start it on hills if possible too.

  2. When it goes for a service, and the light is still on, just stick a small piece of black plastic insulation tape over the offending image – it won’t be noticed then!

    As for toxic emissions, Bill Bryson was once surprised when he discovered that a certain madicine was supposed to suppress flatulence, not encourage this worthwhile and pleasurable atmospheric venture!

    • Who would want to suppress flatulence? We have musical evenings here after a feed of bean stew.

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