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  1. Sounds like any wee village in the world that I know of.
    Except within commuter striking distance of any large city.
    And in certain nations the boozer will be replaced by the tea / coffee / shisha joint.
    And the spoilsport gubments are determined to price pubs and booze out of the reach of the Common Man. And Woman. For their own good, of course.
    So the Irish village has gone the way of Llareggub.

    • I must ask its opinions on the smoking ban. Let’s see how liberal computers are….

    • It’s good if a bit predictable. It is what it looks like – a foreign kid writing an essay when their only experience of a village is from books and encyclopedias.

  2. We may be hyper-critical but what price the Turing Test now?
    Can we honestly say it was obviously composed by a machine, would we be prepared to wager money on it?

    • It probably would pass Turing. The only giveaway was the timing. I gave fairly specific instructions and it took between five and ten seconds to reply, which is beyond any human. I notice incidentally that I asked for 400 words and it wrote nearly 500.

      Maybe I’ll start letting AI do the odd post here just to see if anyone can spot the difference?!

  3. Artificial Intelligence seems to read too much American stuff about Ireland, short of comely maidens dancing at the crossroads, it couldn’t have been more cliched!

    In thirty-six years living in Ireland, apart from kids in National School, I have never once heard anyone talk about Chu Chulainn and the only people I have heard teased about their accents are people from Cork.

    It has a long way to go before it’s convincing (and needs to learn to put the odd ‘feck’ into its comments)

    • It does seem to have a sort of Barry Fitzgerald view of old Ireland. Maybe now it has been featured here it might learn to modernise itself? Note – not moderniZe.

  4. Grandad, go back into Chat Yoke and ask how to go about filling your tobacco pipe.

    The question will be answered, but not before Mr. AI warns you regarding the dangers of smoking tobacco.

    • No? Rather surprisingly it gave quite a clear and informative response to the question “What is the best way to pack pipe tobacco” – –

      There are different ways to pack pipe tobacco, and the best method depends on personal preference and the type of pipe being used. Here are three common methods:

      Three-step packing method:

      Fill the bowl loosely with tobacco until it is slightly overfilled.
      Press the tobacco down gently with your thumb, making sure it is evenly distributed.
      Add more tobacco until the bowl is filled to the desired level, then press it down again.

      Frank method:

      Fill the bowl tightly with tobacco using a twisting motion, making sure there are no gaps.
      Using your finger, make a hole down the center of the tobacco until it reaches the bottom of the bowl.
      Insert a pipe tool or tamper into the hole and gently twist to create a slight depression in the tobacco.

      Air-pocket method:

      Fill the bowl loosely with tobacco until it is slightly overfilled.
      Use your finger to push the tobacco down around the edges, creating an air pocket in the center.
      Fill the air pocket with more tobacco until the bowl is filled to the desired level, then press it down gently.

      Regardless of the packing method, it’s important not to pack the tobacco too tightly or too loosely. Too tight a pack can restrict airflow and cause the pipe to burn too hot, while too loose a pack can cause the tobacco to burn too quickly and result in a harsh smoke. Experiment with different packing methods and find the one that works best for you.

  5. It gave me the same three step directions after the death warning but made no mention of the Frank method.

    No matter, I never had much success with it anyway.

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