There is a first time for everything — 3 Comments

  1. The most exciting football I ever watched, often, as a parent, was primary school boys.
    Team size – did not matter.
    Result – ditto.
    But enthusiasm from players and parents – all they could give.
    All the TV punditry – insert the expletive of your choice.
    The best reply to a media person question to a manager on how his team intended to win – “Well, we intend to score more goals, one at a time.”

  2. I’ve only ever been to one football match. Under pressure from schoolmates in the mid-1960s, I accompanied them to an apparently important ‘Derby’ match between two local teams – I shall never get back those two wasted hours but at least it saved me ever wasting any more. If others think that’s a good way to expend their ration of time, loyalty and energy, then that’s their decision. Watching paint dry scored higher on my interest scale . . . . . still does.

  3. I was taken to Charlton to see Stanley Matthews’ final match back in the fifties, and apart from being invited by a favourite uncle to watch Luton play Watford, that’s the last time I ever saw a live match! Life’s too short to drink Bovril instead of beer, and spend money on a new scarf every year!

    Luckily, I avoid the ‘sport’ as much as possible, only remembering enjoying several pints with chums when we played in the ‘Worlcarp’ back in the old days…

    I did discover, however, while watching ‘Coast’, that golf was ‘invented’ by Scandinavians, clonking pebbles along St Andrews’ beach with sticks! And that doesn’t interest me either…

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