The slow descent into craziness — 6 Comments

  1. I have decided that many times things are changed simply for the sake of change. “It’s been this way for decades now and it works, why change it”?
    “Because it’s been this way for decades and it needs to be changed now.”

    I think of it as the Microsoft model.

    V2.1.1 has been out for 8 months now. Introducing V3.1
    Well crap, I just got 2.1.1 figured out.

    “Don’t worry; V3.1 is pretty much the same.” (No, it really isn’t.)

    • There is a big plan for the village to make it more “people friendly”. The plan involves installing seats, ramps, flower beds, one-way systems and more crossings. The locals are a bit pissed off at this as it is a design to attract tourists with little or no regard for locals. Anyway money was provided by the council but the work wasn’t started in time so the council took the money back again. Sigh of relief all around

  2. “Naturally it wasn’t placed where most people wanted to cross but that’s by the by.” Worth gold! Cheering to learn this sort of thing happens in Ireland too.

    • In spite of protestations by nationalists, there is a remarkable lack of difference between Ireland and the UK.

  3. Tell them that when they are ready to get started, you would be happy to do the design work for a small fee and a designated parking space in a location of your choosing.

    • Somewhat ironically, one of the design features was to designate new disabled parking spots [I never bothered getting a disabled sticker] and directly opposite the coffee shop was a single parking spot designated “reserved for elderly drivers”. They are very considerate?

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