My long lost son — 5 Comments

  1. I received my first scam text earlier this month. It was from “Royal Mail” asking we to visit a web page to reschedule a delivery. It took a couple of seconds to work out it was a scam and it only took so long because I’d sent a signed for letter to my son a couple of days earlier so I had to go through:
    1. Shouldn’t they be contacting my son for redelivery?
    2. I didn’t tell them my mobile number.
    3. The postman leaves a card if he can’t get a signature.

    I did Whois on the website, it was registered two days earlier.

    • I very rarely get spam texts and in fact could count them on one hand. For a while I was inundated with emails from the post office telling me I owed money on a parcel They were all very realistic and I binned them all. I did get one though that looked very slightly different – it was genuine. I confirmed it by visiting the Post Office website and I did actually have to pay a couple of quit for VAT on a parcel from the UK. The tricks are simple: check the sender’s address and never click on their link.

      • The first Mrs H almost fell for a scam text. It was more sophisticated than the one you received, it used her daughter’s name and some other personal details, probably gleaned from Farcebook. Even after our son told her it was a scam she was still angry with her daughter for “losing her phone”. 🙂

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