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  1. Net curtains hanging a foot of so below window sill with little lead weights stitched all along the bottom edge.
    All the pollies have them. And not just hide their hanky panky.

    • I doubt that net curtains would stand much chance against a nuclear shock wave. Maybe if they were made of half inch steel bars knitted together?

  2. Assuming you’re still alive you wouldn’t need to worry about your servers & websites – the EMP will have fried them! I remember reading a long time ago that one of the few creatures almost certain to survive nuclear Armageddon were Cockroaches…

    • I doubt I would be worried about servers or the Interwebs. I’d have other things on my mind.

      I read somewhere that if just two nuclear devices were detonated at high altitude over the States that the EMP would be enough to fry all electronics and electrical systems, literally rendering the States powerless..

  3. “I’d have other things on my mind.”

    Agreed; first and foremost, where are my pilers? How the hell am I going to prop a door up to take cover behind if I can’t get the damned hinge pins out?

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