A National Emergency — 4 Comments

  1. Got snow? Got (grand)children?
    Take those kids out and show them that funny stuff that looks like unflavoured sorbet.
    They might not see it again.
    Then take them on a tour round Skobieville.

    The next time they see those architectural wonders they will have to be wearing SCUBA gear.
    Don’t believe me ask the experts. The science is settled. We need tousands more details of dem windmills.

    • It’s strange but we have had more snow in the last few years than any previous period. This Global Warming is really hitting hard.

  2. We had a one-inch dusting of snow here in South West England today. Coincidentally we had three grandsons and random offspring (and spouses) here. They all charged outside and and made a showman. Definitely a man because they gave him a willy. But boys will be boys – rude. No one seemed worried about global warming.

    • Just watch out for yellow snow. Over here they keep giving us yellow snow warnings which is a bit scary.

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