Brass monkeys beware — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, that’s sad, a friendly rook is just fine to have around. I’ve had one recently flying into a small window, possibly attracted by some shiny object within. Usually when it was very quiet – I’ll hear a loud ‘bonk’ and see a semi-stunned bird outside. It’s stopped now I’ve moved all the things which might have been attractive to it.

    Bit chilly in Kent too, but I discovered about 70 years ago that clothes keep you warm. Perhaps yer modern yoof do not know this?

    • Rooks aren’t exactly in short supply here. We have hundreds [thousands?] of them around here. They literally can darken the skies on a winter’s evening when they take to the air in clouds. Maybe I can entice a few and train ’em?

  2. Working in a school where most of the children come by bus, I wondered if there were some temperature at which the buses would not run.
    A Google search on ‘what temperature would cause the cancellation of school bus services’ caused me literally to laugh out loud. A range of temperatures was suggested by various sites, between -35 and -45 degrees Celsius. I suddenly realized I was looking at details for Canadian school bus services

    • Wait until there’s a flurry of snow. Half an inch and the entire country grinds to a standstill.

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