Black Friday — 9 Comments

  1. We have the pocket-power to change that nonsense. Simple way is not to buy any product or service which uses disproportionate duskies in its advertising. The accountants will soon get the message to the right-on marketeers – go woke, go broke.

  2. It’s definitely an imposed agenda.

    E.g., the NHS is now advertising for ‘Diversity’ hires, at above-average wages. These people will influence other hires, to ensure a suitable mix of race and ethnicity. Which all sounds reasonable – the NHS is a major employer and must/should have by law a mix which reflects the national averages.

    Except, there are already a disproportionate number of ‘non-Whites’ employed in the NHS! So, to fulfill their brief, these new hires should be trying to hire more white folk! Place your bets on whether this is their intention!

    Positive discrimination is still discrimination, which should be avoided.

    • If you are unlucky enough to be hospitalised here I can guarantee you’ll be tended to by Philipino nurse and probably an Indian or Pakistani doctor.

    • The UK Parliament has almost ten times the proportion of MPs who are gay compared to the population as a whole. Good luck with levelling that one.

      • There are only 650 useless oxygen thieves in that den of Woke filth. The NHS deserves better than more non-medical ‘interferers’.

  3. “keep the non-Caucasian happy”

    Akshually, it’s not for the POCs, it’s driven by pandering to trying to make the white, middle class, woke, activists happy.

    Not that they ever will be of course, but the up-side is at least we get to enjoy their misery 🙂

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