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    • Mirrors on the roof are a good idea. If they are mountd on an adjustable frame I could redirect the beam anywhere in the neighbourhood.

      If you have ever accidentally [or otherwise] put tin foil in a microwave you’ll know the spectacular fireworks display. Tin foil hats could become quite a fashion statement?

  1. Asimov wrote a short story about Robots creating a religion on a space station that was beaming solar energy back to earth.

    • I have seen quite a few tales written about solar farms in one shape or another. Life does frequently follow fiction.

  2. “Apparently they are talking about building massive solar panels in space that will beam electricity back to Earth.”

    I was going to say that a couple-3 decades ago this was nothing but science fiction. I still don’t believe they’ve found a way to “beam electricity”. I mean, how the hell do you “beam” power? A “beam” collector?

    • 3 decades ago there weren’t thousands of satellites whizzing round the earth in a variety of orbits. How the hell do these idiots think they can beam Gigawatt levels of power back to Earth without vaporising numerous metallic objects on the way?

  3. The sf story I remember had giant reflectors in space which reflected and focused the sunlight down to earth to counter the impending ice age. Yes, it was that long ago.
    Now the Billy Goat Gates is talking about putting sun shades in space to counter the impending Warble Gloaming.
    And if your little nation does not do as it is told, well, it is going to get very cool. Nice agriculture industry you have got there. It would be a shame if summer did not come. For a decade or so.

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