An addition to the clan — 12 Comments

  1. She’s beautiful! Reminds me of a greyhound, big, gentle, all legs. Sounds like Callie and Penny are adjusting well, hope you keep her.

    • She’s a beauty all right. She is very like a greyhound in all respects – size, leggy, sleek, graceful and very gentle. The two of them are getting on remarkably well, far better than I had even hoped.

    • That’s the one. I went back into the same website just now and there are about three dozen listed, so I don’t know how I ended up with just one when this whole escapade started. Fate?

      • When I was thinking of getting a Birman kitten an ad in the local paper caught my eye as it was in the wrong place! and a bit mixed up. I just knew that was my kitten and she was for the 18 years we had her. All my cats found me.

  2. dogs in general tend to get along with each other. Its humans that tend to have trouble with each other. Of course sociopathic dogs get shunned and push out. Sociopathic humans tend to get elected to office.

  3. Callie looks a bit apprehensive, Penny, I’m top dog round here, Callie knows who’s boss.
    I think they’ll get on well, both beautiful dogs.

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