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  1. Your blog was very slow to load or to show/accept comments at the start of the week, timed out a couple of times just trying to read it, but it improved yesterday and seems normal today. I notice it happen to all sorts of sites more frequently nowadays, gnerally blogs or small sites not the big commercial ones and looks more like a DNS problem or an online intermittency, with a delay finding the site rather than slow loading once it’s started.

    • I have a little stable of sites under my care and a few of those also reported problems, though none as severe as this one. Several times I tried to get in and gave up jn frustration. Error messages are as useful as a fart in a gale – Your site is taking too long to load! Yes, I know it’s taking too long: tell me fucking WHY?

  2. My son’s job is research on Cloud storage (whatever that is) so I suspect he knows a bit about the internet or whatever and you sound just like him when time outs and hangs and other stuff I don’t understand get on his tits with his own PC.
    The problems or slow deterioration have come about because of working from home OR TPTB are slowly deliberately trying to kill the internet because it keeps insisting on speaking the truth about things and not parroting the approved bullshit on just about every aspect of life.
    They won’t stand up to argue the cases against CBDC or “boosters” etc. Far easier and effective to destroy the functionality of the whole W.W.W bit by bit.
    It will be so simple in the new world order.

    • The hard part is being helpless. If the main fuse blows, I don’t have a spare and the shops aren’t open until the morning I will happily wait in the dark until then. If on the other hand there is a power cut I will get upset if it’s not back in minutes.

      One of the biggest causes is technology itself. In the good old days it was HTML. Then along came Javascript, SQL, PHP, CSS, ASP and a clatter of others to slow down the simple process of loading a page. A single page frequently calls on dozens of scripts and other files just to display.

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