Killing the bird — 8 Comments

  1. I liked Twitter, have been there since it first started. My thoughts/opinion about Musk are best left unsaid on a public website. About Mastodon, I did install the app on my phone last night and WTF pretty much sums it up. No idea how to use it. Pick a server based on your interests, ok let’s go to all. Then the whole list of servers and I don’t see one for the United States. When you figure it out write up directions for the rest of us.

    • I don’t even remember joining Twitter it was so long ago. As for Mastodon, I’m not sure I’ll ever get the hang of it. I joined the Irish server more by accident than design. I just followed a link and signed up. It’s a strange place and getting quite crowded.

  2. GD, as I started to read this I thought it to be parody. By the end I had concluded with mild shock that it wasn’t. S’pose we have to disagree on something. But I was triggered 😉 Personally, I think that Twitter, and all who chose to work for it, has for quite a long while deserved the fate of Carthage.

    • To be brutally honest, I couldn’t give a flying fart if all those “social media” sites collapsed. They do promote free speech but there are just too many weirdos out there who prefer the straw-man method or who just shout endlessly without any serious debate. It’s a crowd of millions, all of whom have a voice and too many willing to use that freedom to irrationally abuse any argument.

      I’ll stick with WordPress, thanks.

  3. I’d read that Musk locked the teams out on the Friday to prevent data and software sabotage. So perhaps a sensible pre-emptive move against the disgruntled hordes?

    • Heh! Possibly. It’s just that I was put through a very nasty period in RTE when for a year or more I was subjected to a severe threat to my job security. The only way I could find out what was going on was by reading the papers. My sympathies would therefore tend towards the workers.

  4. I’m afraid I’m with gareth on this. Yes, it was a nasty way to fire people. But these are the people who have made Twitter the unpleasant, divisive mess it is and who have deliberately blocked free speech, interfered with discussion of many important issues and enforced establishment censorship of conservative opinion. If Musk cleans it up it’s all to the good.

    • Me too.
      Twitter has become a leftist mob, ever ready with pitchfork and torch, with cheerleaders such as Owen Jones encouraging ‘pile ons’ whenever he disagrees with someone slightly to the right of himself (I.e. anyone to the right of Lenin).
      Musk’s arrival has upset all the right people and may just be a very good thing.
      And I suspect those sacked knew what was coming – and why.

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