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  1. “wasn’t too much blood.” You did not say whose.
    Following your posts, it is obvious to me that your time is fully taken up with other things. Yet you very seldom grumble, much.
    Which makes me even more grateful for your posts, for shepherding Martin Scriblerus (which is delightful bunch of individuals, all different) and doing the Raccoon archive, (A beautiful lady. I wonder how Gordon is doing?) as well as keeping alive the memory of Raedwald and Frank Davies, both of whom I followed keenly.
    All power, or Powers, to your elbow. Thankyou.

    • “You did not say whose” Penny’s!

      Life here is a case of adventurous tedium, or even tedious adventure. Life keeps throwing up little snags [like a leaking roof or q sick dog?] so that keeps we well occupied.

      The Raccoon Archive and Scriblerus are both projects that required a lot of work at the time but are now just static sites. The latter is changed only when a member is added [or removed], while the former is locked down despite numerous requests for “guest posts” [which get binned].

      For some reason, I think of Gordon quite often. My admiration for the man is stratospheric!

    • I used to read Raedwald too and, after the posts had stopped for a while, had assumed that he might have died suddenly. In a way it’s a nice thing about t’interwebs that often a site lingers on, gently gathering virtual dust, long after the owner is gone. The Whited Sepulchre ( is still there more than seven years after The Last Blog Post – “Don’t Be Safe”.

      PS: probably best not to clip Penny’s claws immediately before the next trip, she might make an association…

      • One of the problems with these sites is that no one can announce their own demise [unless they intend to do the job themselves]. Sites just go silent and if no one knows the author in “real” life, we are all kept guessing.

  2. If the jag she is getting is Librela, then I can highly recommend it. Our nearly 14 year old mutt Tilly (she is a shaggy, Lurcherish cross BTW), has been on these monthly jags for some time. The effect is cumulative and should make Penny’s mobility much better, if Tilly’s experience is anything to go by. She is now bouncing around again at the merest hint of a walk. More, but shorter walks will be the order of the day though. I do wonder why I can’t get a similar monthly injection sometimes though?

    I hope she gets the same lift in her mobility that Tilly has.

    Look after yourself.

    • That’s the very stuff. It seems to be a magic potion all right with rave reviews everywhere and she’s down for the full course. In addition she’s on Calpol twice a day [3.4ml – they are very specific] which she quite likes.

      Our Penny is a strange mix. She has the head and legs of a Lurcher all right but the rest of her belongs to something much larger. Her coat is partly silk and partly shaggy. But I wouldn’t have her any other way….

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