Reset time — 7 Comments

    • No chance. That would put me back in the workhouse with another 21 years to go. Also I’d have to relive Daughter’s teenage years. You wouldn’t wish that on anyone?

  1. But we can’t risk going back to an earlier release: think about the security risks! That’s what we are constantly told in an attempt (failing, in my case) to persuade us to install the latest version, which will invariably cause more problems than it supposedly solves…

  2. We need to go further back than that. We started going pear shaped but it was hardly visible then when wimmin got the vote and things started moving away from facts and into touchy feely things where the interfered into ordinary peoples lives. The maternal hand is always for our own good. It just accelerated in the 60s and 70s till it was blasting along at a fair clip in the 2000s and now we are shooting down the tracks at speeds we can’t control.

    Time for the big reset but not the one the politicians want. Time for us to reset the politicians.

    • You have it in a nutshell. “Time for the big reset but not the one the politicians want. Time for us to reset the politicians.”

      Bring it on.

  3. Many users suggest that the problem is progressive degradation in Politico_D. It suffers from mission creep and bloat; the latter affects all other parts of the system. Many concerns have been raised about the corrupting influence of Deepstate and it’s parent company WEF on Politico_D development. Opponents also contend that the size and complexity of Politico_D results in a larger attack surface, reducing the overall security of the platform.

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