On being unfriendly — 8 Comments

  1. In my mind I am seeing the Clangers combined with Wallace And Gromit’s Grand Day Out.
    Cue slide whistles and swannee whistles.

    • Indeed. There is something farcical about chucking a lump of metal at a lump of rock just to see what happens. Kids’ programs could have a field day.

  2. It sounds like something from the pen of Richard Adams.

    There will be some peaceful planet in deep space that has enjoyed thousands of years of civilisation that will be hit by a lump of rock that should have missed them by half a galaxy before it was diverted by primitives.

  3. As a slight aside, it’s astonishing how much stuff is, has been launched to up in space, in orbits around our Earth.
    And they track debris too. But it’s such a cloud that if any aliens were speeding by they could hardly fail to notice it.

    If you have a two button & scroll wheel mouse, you can both grab it with the left button mouse and twirl it around, up, down, around, and zoom in and out with the scroll wheel.

    Every satellite is labeled… except for a few TBA to be announced. You can search.

    Perhaps on StarLink ? I had no luck this time, but I did find them on the old site.

    This is a spin-off from the old site which went off line, carried on it seems, remarked on here.

    • Holy shit! There is a hell of a lot of junk out there. I see the vast majority are just marked as ‘debris’ which says a lot about us?

  4. I find a useful source for information on things like solar storms and bits of space rock heading our way. Mind you, things like the Chelyabinsk bolide never register because they come in at such a speed and angle of incidence that earth bound radars and detection equipment only get five minutes notice that something big and unpleasant this way comes.

    It’s always the ones you don’t see that’ll getcha.

    • That is not a site for the fainthearted! Personally I would not like to be stuck on a train track waiting for the next train to come. I would prefer to sit there and pretend it’s a disused line. Anyway, what the hell can anyone do in five minutes?

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