Going the whole hog — 10 Comments

  1. I’m sure I read somewhere that Thomas is about to have a tranny wagon added to the train, or it might have been LBGT??+/- whatever, and the Fat Controller renamed.

    Funny Old World

    • The Fat Controller was slimmed down and renamed Sir Topham Hat years ago
      . About the same time they introduced ethnic engines I believe there is now one called Asmina.

  2. As Pink Floyd said, “Hey, teacher, leave the kids alone”. The present trends with sexualising characters in children’s TV programmes are totally inappropriate and disguise the evil intents of the perverts behind them.

  3. I believe the latest recruit will be a piece of railway rolling-stock with alleged autism.
    Nonsense I know, but you need to follow the money – if the publishers aren’t ‘with the programme’, their books will get no plugs in schools, hence no sales, so they must pander to the wanky woke messages simply to move the material and bank the money, who can blame them?
    When I was at school in the 1950s, we didn’t have any ‘autistic’ kids at all – true, we had those whose early abysmal behaviour was rooted in their unevolved intellect, inadequate parenting or a mixture of both, but they were all soon brought into acceptable states by the judicious application of firmness. If the schoolbooks then had offered support for their behaviours, I suspect they would never have developed at all, relying forever on their imagined ‘special’ status to excuse the inexcusable.

    • How the fuck can rolling stock have autism? Will it insist on staying in its siding?

      I confess my knowledge of Thomas and the rest comes from reading the books back in the 50s. I never saw it on television as even Daughter wasn’t that pushed about it in her younger years.

  4. OMG. Whole new perspective on putting lipstick on a pig. And pulled pork. Oo err Missus.
    And given that a sow can have between 6 and 32 tits the lesbian possibilities are wonderful. Down boy, down.
    Also pigs in Peppa Pig land have a pair of eyes on each side of the face. So that means twice as many full false eyelashes to flutter.
    But the acting is ham. And this viewer wishes they would be a little rasher.
    I will stop there. I already have my coat.

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