Where have I gone? — 13 Comments

  1. No, don’t give up the blog.
    You’re just this guy. Human.
    As some song said, almost “Even the bad times are good.”

  2. Yeah, I agree with the above commenter, we miserable old buggers need to stick together, you are an inspiration to us all, keep up the good/bad work.

  3. Don’t drink whiskey in the morning. Wake and Bake.
    Go to your local,”Ganga”, store and buy your favorite strain and imbibe first thing in the morning.
    It puts an interesting twist on the whole day.

  4. “demented ferret”, that pretty well sums up my days. Don’t stop writing Irish Grandad. You have a unique sense of humour that cheers me up and keeps me from going too deep into that humourless rabbit hole (yes, I have one of those too). I hope you know that we appreciate you just as you are. I’ve taken the liberty of speaking for others who also read your blog – very few would disagree I’m sure.

  5. If we wanted happy-clappy froth, we wouldn’t be here. We’ve all got our own versions of leaky roof, poorly dog, caring duties etc., so we can empathise with your variants while recognising that our own troubles are just how life works out. We like the reality, we love the humour-spin you can put on it, stick with it. It gives us all hope and an occasional smile.

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