Sentient pooch — 10 Comments

  1. It’s obvious: she’s been reading your mail and/or checking your phone. She needs a refresher course on social etiquette.

    • Damnit! I did get a text reminder the day before so she must have read that when my back was turned. Bitch! No matter. I’ll forward the bill to her email account.

  2. It recalls Billy Connolly’s version of the Country and Western song D-I-V-O-R-C-E

    Our little dog is six years old, and he’s smart as any damn kid.
    But when you mention the V.E.T. he damn near flips his lid.
    Words like S.H.O.T. shot or W.O.R.M. worm,
    These are words which make him S.Q.U.I.R.M. squirm.

    His Q.U.A.R.A.N.T.I.N.E starts today,
    Because he bit the V.E.T. and then he ran away.
    He caused me and my wife to have a big fight, and then, both of them bit me.
    And that’s why I am gonnae get a D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

    She shouted “get him Rover, ” and he jumped over, and bit my L.E.G.
    She sank her teeth in my B.U.M. and called me an effin’ C.
    Well I’m telling you, that was my cue, to get O.F.F.-ski
    And I’m going down to the town tonight to get a new B.I.R.D.

    Oh yes his Q.U.A.R.A.N.T.I.N.E starts today.
    Both my wife and my wee scabby dug will soon be hauled away.
    That’s why I spell out all these words, so as my dog can’t hear.
    Oh I must admit that dog is acting Q.U.E.R. queer.

  3. Dogs are smart. If you have regular visits to a place and then you change that routine they wonder why. I would guess the next place is the vet.

    or maybe she is reading your mail. I’ve seen Cats and Dogs.

    • The strange thing is that there was no change to the routine. She shouldn’t have become suspicious until I had failed to stop in the village.

  4. Yes, you do I feel it clear over here on the west coast of the US of A.

    This is amazing! Can you give me the lottery numbers for the next drawing?

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