That cesspit called Twitter — 15 Comments

  1. Ive just recieved a 30 day ban on Faceache due to someone being offended by a 30 month old post apparently I was promoting self harm and suicide
    The post in question was a common meme of someone using Tabasco as eyedrops with the comment things I’d rather do than watch Love Island.
    Im not sure whether the offendind bit was the picture or the mention of Love Island

    • The only reason I have accounts on Twitter and Farcebook is that I was advised many yonks ago that I could use them to advertise when I updated this site. I think I’m safe from a banning unless a title of a brainfart offends someone. I would be quite happy if it did!

  2. Musk thought 50% of Twitterers were Bots – perhaps now it’s nearing 100%?
    What was once a useful distraction for the less mentally capable, has become a cesspit of stupidity.

    • I don’t think they are all bots – just people who act like robots, endlessly pouring out their bile.

    • There are quite a few alternatives. I opened an account in Gab a good while back, but never used it. I don’t see the point.

  3. The numbers are fine.
    It is those who use numbers who cause offence.
    They label some numbers as “odd”, others “rational”.
    These people are fascists, believing some numbers to be “prime” while a whole class of fractions are “vulgar”. They even believe that there is a “divine ratio”.
    And our schools have been infiltrated by cultists who indoctrinate our children with this numerological bigotry.
    Something must be done.

    • I seriously think something should be done about “vulgar” fractions. They really need to be renamed to something a little nicer. Poor fractions…..!

  4. In the 80s and 90s I worked for a fairly large computer company that rebadged CDC disk drives. These drives were the size of a washing machine with removable disks of 80 Megabyte capacity (huge, yeah?) One of our customers labelled the disks with various “old lady” names so that when the operating system needed a particular disk it would ask “PLEASE MOUNT GLADYS” or “PLEASE MOUNT DORIS”. Most people were amused, I don’t recall anybody being offended but I assume they would have been told to get a sense of humour. Or a life.

    Different (better?) times.

    • Much better times. I doubt even Doris or Gladys would have objected, but people had a sense of humour back then.

  5. “Hello. Is that the bicycle renting company? I’d really like a 69 today. Can you accommodate me?”
    Now, let’s see who would be offended by that?

  6. If they aren’t already in use somewhere, it won’t be long before employers will need to include a blank ‘Hurt Feelings Report’ to be filed along with documents of a similar nature. (Vacation, Sick Leave, and so on.

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