You have been warned — 13 Comments

  1. I have just received an email.

    It is about the Global Health and Pharma Awards

    I quote –
    It is with great pleasure that I am reaching out to inform you that Head Rambles has been identified by Global Health & Pharma as a potential nominee this year.

    Someone believes in me!

    • That’s strange. I never heard of that expression before but I could swear I saw it somewhere else very recently.

  2. “The page you’re going to view is related to mature or disturbing materials.”

    Sounds like a recommendation. 😀

    • Any site which has been scrubbed clean and triple checked for political correctness is not worth visiting.

  3. They must have heard about all those cute little furry mouses you so cruelly exterminated.

  4. Well, you have made references to tobacco in the past. Also keep in mind that references to shag cut could easily be misinterpreted.

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