On being a reckless lawbreaker — 4 Comments

  1. Safe driving is about driving according to the conditions at the time, any speed limit cannot accommodate all potential conditions, it is only there for the hard-of-thinking. Sadly there are for too many of them now, taught to drive by the book not by the brain.
    Worst are the ‘sign-watchers’ who will obediently stick to 29mph in any 30-zone, instantly moving up to 39mph when it becomes a 40, the instantly back to 29mph when it changes back again. They’re watching the signs, not the road ahead and all around them- but that would involve thinking and that wouldn’t do.
    Keep driving with your brain and let Darwin take care of the rest.

    • What worries me is the idiot with very little brain. Those who persist in using the speed limit as an absolute guide around here will soon find themselves in a ditch or a river. Speed limiting is crazy here though they are overhauling it a bit.

  2. I never venture out onto the public highway without a spare reck in the boot.
    Seriously though folks, I live in an area of twisting roads. The “Slightly Bendy Road Ahead” signs (or in officialese “Signage”) becomes meaningless.
    When I drive in unfamiliar territory I follow closely (not too closely) the shit covered local car, van, pick-up or bread delivery van because they know the really sharp bends.

    • The one thing I dread is getting stuck behind some outsider, particularly on The Twenty Bends. The latter is a local name for a local road but it is very well named.

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