Platinum Commiserations — 8 Comments

  1. Keeping Jug-ears waiting must give Her Majesty the strength to carry on for as long as possible!

  2. Money may be no object in theory, but, ever-present lackeys aside, she’s not exactly living it up behind closed doors; remember the Spartan Tupperware cereal boxes and the single bar electric fire.

    It’s amusing to think of la Markle, confident that she was marrying into an opulent multi-millionaire lifestyle and a Walt Disney version of royalty, confronted instead with draughty bedrooms, muddy outdoor pursuits and notoriously dodgy plumbing.

    • Anyone entering into that family must be in for hell of a rude awakening. I watched that series on the box and it certainly wasn’t Disneyland.

  3. I’m not a natural monarchist but I have to take my crown off to that lady, she’s been steadfast in doing the job she didn’t choose and has managed 70 years at it faultlessly. We may envy all the fancy palaces, flash cars and flunkies but she’s never had the everyday freedoms that we all enjoy and that’s priceless.

    If her successors manage the job with just half her dedication, then we could be saved from the horrors that might have been, e.g. President Blair? Given that dread-inducing comparison, maybe I’ll become a monarchist after all.

    • I’m not a royalist either. In fact I’m completely indifferent and just glad I’m not paying for them. But I do admire her tenacity and her dedication to duty. It must be one hell of a lonely job with no one to talk to since Old Phil went his merry way.

      You could do as we do? Elect a Pres and wheel him out for ceremonial occasions only? You can ignore him for the rest of the time. Much like Queen, I suppose [but cheaper].

      • Your royalty are in Brussels and they ain’t cheap! I think the Brussels backhander will give the Hapsburg lip a run for its money

  4. A friend who is an academic in England said he was talking to an American colleague about the prospects after the demise of the Queen. He suggested to the American that a Republic might be a better option.

    His American colleague responded, ‘we decided that 250 years ago’.

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