Breathing the fresh mountain air — 8 Comments

  1. Haha, the map is likely down because the fearmongering eedjits have generated so much fearful reaction to their simplistic claims…
    “EPA MAPS is currently down (27/5/2022) Due to a high number of visitors today, the new Radon Map may not load for you. If so, please try again later.

    Our apologies for any inconvenience this causes and we appreciate your patience. “

    Whereas elsewhere in the real world, it appears that people living in areas with high natural background radioactivity seem to live longer…

    A random search on say long life areas of natural radiation threw up a few more scientific studies showing similar beneficial effects.

    Heck, you can even buy uranium beads … ;=})

    • I managed to get the map to load but that’s all. Just a map of Ireland. I can find alternatives anywhere….

      That’s interesting about the radiation levels. Maybe that explains my devilishly handsome youthful looks?

  2. Cop yourself on: the dangers of accumulation in radon in confined spaces, especially houses, have been proved, known about, and publicized for many decades. If you want to ignore the risk that’s your lookout, but these paranoid conspiracy theories of yours are pretty silly. In incidentally it would cost about €50 to find out whether or not you have a problem.

  3. The list of everyday things that are radioactive is amazing.Take Baked beans and Brazil nuts as two examples.Getting out of bed is dangerous and so is staying in bed. Think of all those people who die in bed.

    • General consensus following meta analyses of radiation leaks over the last 50 years is that people who are subject to low radiation doses appear to be somewhat protected against the same cancers caused by large radiation doses.
      Hence cancer death rates near leak sites often being LOWER than background rates nearby.

      If I were you, I’d live a long and happy life, and not give radon a second thought.

  4. My mother lived in Cornwall, in a house built directly onto granite. Before it could be sold, radon detection was required: the level found made sub-floor ventilation mandatory.

    Radon allegedly accumulates at low levels in basements etc., which is a bit surprising as it’s seeped upwards out of the rock.

  5. Ireland is all reds and yellows and I too am in a red, deep as all scarlet, literally dripping crimson zone. Well, that’s me dooomed!

    Two kilometres up the road is an ugly light yellowish brown. Tell me, are these colours designed to spread fear and alarm?

    We’ve just had the floors re-done and there’s an underfloor Radon ventilation pipe to let the gas out, for all the good that will do, so that ‘risk’ gets a big fat ‘meh’ from me.

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