Ignoring injunctions — 9 Comments

    • Heh! No. [I know who you mean]. I have written back asking for some clarification.

      In the meantime I have fucked up the site….. 🙁

  1. Am I right? If you bung it in the Cloud deleting things is pointless. But I may be wrong.
    What you did with Ms Raccoon’s site was heroic.

    • It is pointless, as the Anna Raccoon Project showed. The new site was created after the old site was deleted and after the hosting provider had deleted all their backups. The information will invariably be out there somewhere, the only difference bing that it’s not so readily found.

  2. Well! To me a total ignoramus that is amazing. I suppose this is the area the police comb for anything they need to catch you. Cripes.

    • I did make them aware of that fact and that I wasn’t obliged to do anything, but I don’t like trolls so am happy to so the work.

  3. *phew* for a minute there I was worried your liver had finally given out and as you went down your fingers brushed against the Big Red Button on your desk.

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