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    • I can never quite understand how any of their arguments stack up. Haven’t they seen Google Earth? Where do the Moon and Sun go when they’re not in the sky?

  1. When I was at school, ‘moon’ was a verb as well as a noun. For sone reason, there were boys who thought it hilarious to expose their bare arses to hapless strangers whom the bus was passing. ‘Super moon’ would have been the sort of verb they might have used.

    • Heh! It’s still very much in use. I think I remember seeing an entry in The Darwin Awards where a bunch of lads in a private plane decided to moon at another passenger aircraft. Sadly the pilot joined in the mooning. They all died in the crash!

  2. What always gets me is when the birds stop singing during a full eclipse. Such a sad little change for a couple of minutes.

  3. I went to bed early and sober, set my alarm for 03.00. And what ? It was wet and cloudy. No flower red moon, super or otherwise. Memo to self, forget rising in the middle of the night to look at stuff in the sky as it invariably rains.

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