Toilet humour — 11 Comments

  1. There once was a fool called Bono,
    Could he write poetry? Oh, no!
    Pretentious and thick,
    Yellow specs like a tit,
    And now we all laugh at his almost complete lack of self-awareness and contrived doggerel

  2. The Great McGonagall, aka William Topaz McGonagall, would have have been seething with jealousy.
    Even Bill Kerr’s gem in Hancocks The Poetry Society does not approach this demonstration of geniusness. Geniusosity?
    We are unworthy.

    • I confess to a surprising ignorance [which rarely happens] that I hadn’t come across the Great McGonagall. Indeed Bono might achieve some fame after all?

      • A fellow countryman of yours, to be sure. Although he foolishly came to Scotland. But Ireland is not overly eager to claim him.
        Search for The Famous Tay Whale. But the Tay Bridge Disaster will bring a tear to your eye.

        • Ah, William McGonagall! I once conducted a funeral where the deceased was said by his son to have written sub-MacGonagallian doggerel.

          At the reception afterwards, I asked the son if McGonagall was really that bad. The following week, a package arrived from the bookshop of the English public school where the son was an English teacher, it was the Collected Works of William McGonagall. He is so bad that he has remained in print.

  3. The land that we know as Ukraine
    Was invaded by Russia again,
    Not once, but again and again and again
    And again and again and again.

  4. just opened your web site as I have been doing regularly for a while now and Adguard popped up a warning about having been reported as a phishing site. Seems unlikely to me.

    Agree with Doonhammer about the comparison with MacGonagall, the greatest bad poet in the English language. Try the Tay Bridge Disaster as an introduction

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