My little drop of advice — 4 Comments

  1. Have you not noticed there’s a war on and petroleum prices are up substantially as a result. Perhaps you think the Government should send the army to keep the peace in Ukraine ans so bring oil prices. Remember the 70s and the oil price shock? A lesson from it that external price shocks cannot be mitigated for long.

    • The other lesson is that, whatever the event which causes the price to spike, it never returns to its previous level once the cause-event is over. Funny that.

    • Those prices started rising long before the war started. The energy rate of inflation is way up in the double figures and prices are continuing to go up. I can understand how gas is affected but oil?

      Indeed I remember those bad days in the 70s. I’m a little surprised [and delighted] there isn’t a rash of panic buying here.

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