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  1. Well Grandad, I have had a Word Press account for nearly four years now, got the damned thing set up and almost ready to go (still haven’t finished the layout yet) and haven’t done another thing with it. When I was working, I spent ten hours a day on the computer (90% of that in Visio). I didn’t want to spend my evenings and weekends on the computer.

    Now here I am retired and still spending a large part of my day on the computer. The difference is that I’m looking at and reading what I want to read. The Word Press page still sits somewhere gathering cyber dust bunnies because I don’t have much to say. Or more likely, what I do have to say isn’t terribly interesting.

    • Very similar to my own past [except for the Visio bit]. I also have more than one WordPress site cluttering the place. I haven’t been in them for a great many years. I think I may have a Blogsopt site too, as I had a habit of joining just to see what they actually provided.

  2. I think after a certain age our heads get full, we need to let stuff out to make room. A bit like clearing the shed though, you never know what will be found, might be rubbish, might be a something valuable you had forgotten about. Your blog is maybe your way to clear your head, just as writing sometimes inane and pointless comments on blogs works for me.

  3. I discovered it is better to leave pages blank. Feeling the need to put words on a page, I sent ten pages to my university supervisor for discussion at our meeting last Wednesday. He said that when he read it a second time it wasn’t as bad as the first time!

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