Living with the aftermath — 5 Comments

  1. Every morning I too wake up to the chorus of aches, groans, pains, etc and realize that another part hurts today, or won’t do what it used to, and that it’ll be another day of not completing my ever-optimistic list (must have been written by a 30 year old!). Then I make my way downstairs and make myself that first cup of tea/coffee and think: Isn’t life grand!

    The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about!

  2. I’d be depressed if I’d got the wrong size glass chimney too.
    As for the health stuff, those of us of similar age all get a different blend of the ageing factors: the difference from our younger days is that we know we can do bugger all about them, so we acknowledge them and work within whatever new limitations they bring.
    As Ian J says above, beats the alternative.

  3. At the age of 84,I too have sundry aches and pains that were not there 20 years ago.I find the most annoying are the sudden small cramps in muscles I did not know I had, especially when I am woken by them during the night. I have just received a letter from my Pension Provider asking if I am still alive and well. I shall look forward to returning it assuring them that I intend to continue claiming it for a good long while yet. I have already been receiving it for longer than I paid in so I think I am on the profit side of the equation.

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